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BizVids Portal

The BizVids Portal is the place where you can see examples of how businesses are utilizing videos to stay connected to their customers, clients, and supporters. With custom and professional YouTube video content you provide customers with engaging videos on your favorite social media networks, your company website, and blog.

Featured Businesses:

Kennywood Park BizVids

Sullivan Super Service BizVids

The BizVids in the above links feature some of the ways you can use creative content for your professional YouTube videos.

How Does BiZVids Work?

You may be asking, "so where does the video content come from?" The BizVids team comes to your place of business or other location to collect video footage based on approved content creative discussed in the BizVids Brainstorming Session. BizVids uses high-definition and professional video production equipment to ensure clean user-end videos.

The possibilities are endless! Use custom video to promote your business on your website and social media platforms. Looking for commercial video production, corporate video, or internal communications videos? Contact Orionvega.

Online Video Content

Content Creative Ideas:

  • How-To Content
  • Product–Based Demonstration
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Informational
  • Promotional – Event, Contest, or Special
  • Comedic Skit/Concept

These are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing. During the BizVids Brainstorming Session, we plan and talk out how you want to use video online to promote your business. For additional details about BizVids Custom Social Media Content and video, Call us at 412-428-9501.

5 ways video can seriously help your SEO

A Forrester study from Jan 2010 suggested that a product page with a video on it is 53 times more likely to achieve a page one listing on Google. Check out 5 ways video can seriously help your SEO

1. Video can make your pages more sticky (or users spend more time on your page.)

2. Videos can help your product rank. YouTube dominates the results. Informational videos are king.

3. Videos create link building opportunities.

4. Video is rich content creation using transcriptions, annotations, and embedded links.

5. Video can increase traffic or leads when paired with a call to action.

Excerpts from Gareth Davies's Video for SEO